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Fushun Hengyi Paraffin Wax exporter more than 10 years

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Product Center Customization available on request Products conform to the International Quality System Certification

Why us Over-10-year concentration on R&D and processing paraffin wax PetroChina stategic business partner

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    Products conform to international recognized standard Products are highly refined with strong property stability Export to more than 10 countries across multiple continents

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    China is the main stength of the global paraffin wax market Fushun is wide-recoginized in the industry for good quality.of paraffin wax Sufficient and stable supply of resource guaranteed via deep cooperation with PetroChina

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    Capacity over 30,000 per annual 20,000 m2 plant supasses the rivals Dedicated equipment fulfills customers' requirement

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    Packaging and Logistics

    Superior products protection by advanced product packaging Load and transport optimization by multiple packaging offerings Goods delivered safe and on schedule guaranteed by long-term contract with multinational logistics

Customer Testimonials

Hengyi Fully Refined Wax production of high efficiency founder of an African Company

We are very pleased to work with Hengyi Petrochemical Company, the company can accurately understand our needs, we need to produce Fully Refined Wax, high efficiency, mass production after the test quality. FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co.,The raw material is directly procured fro......

Hengyi semi refined wax arrival on time founder of an Europe Company

The paraffin wax produced by Hengyi Petrochemical has always had a good customer evaluation in the industry and regularly supplies semi refined wax to our factory. High product quality, product arrival on time, low loss rate. FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co., Ltd, established......

Hengyi regularly provide packaging wax founder of an Europe Company

As the world's largest paraffin producer, Fushun Hengyi Petrochemical Company produces paraffin wax of good quality and high grade. We supply packing wax regularly to our packing factory. FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co., Ltd, established in 2006,Our company offers wide ranged ful......

PE wax meet the needs of manufacturers in large quantities founder of an Asia Company

We are a manufacturer of high-volume PVC pipe. We have always maintained good cooperation with Hengyi Petrochemical. Hengyi has the ability to process independently. PE wax can meet the needs of our factories in large quantities. FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co.,The raw material i......

Hengyi packaging wax quality, affordable founder of an Africa Company

We are the head of the candle manufacturer in Europe and the United States. We have been cooperating with Hengyi Petrochemical for five years and have good quality and affordable packaging wax. FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co., Ltd, established in 2006, mainly operates in petr......


About Fushun HengYI Honesty and Creativity Business covers Europe, Africa, and America


FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co., Ltd, established in 2006, mainly operates in petroleum chemical industry, and professionally process and manufacture various paraffin waxes. The office and the plant are located at the city of FUSHUN, which is famous for diversified petrochemical ......

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