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Why FUSHUN HENGYI? Paraffin Wax exporter more than 10 years

FUSHUN HENGYI Petro & Chemical Co., Ltd, established in 2006, mainly operates in petroleum chemical industry, and professionally process and manufacture various paraffin waxes. The office and the plant are located at the city of FUSHUN, which is famous for diversified petrochemical products in world-class high quality.

The product quality

The product quality Large-scale production-oriented enterprises

The raw material is directly procured from PetroChina which guarantees the liquid wax is in globally recognised quality, while our first-class facilities ensure the productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, the long term good performance brings good credit as a business partner of PetroChina secures constant material supply at competitive price. For export logistics, the preferential port is chosen as Dalian Port, a non-frozen port, where can offer convenient transportation all over the world.

Our service Provide special product customization and development

Our company offers wide ranged fully refined and semi-refined paraffin wax with melting degree from 54# to 66# in various forms. We provide packages in categories of plastic bags, boxes weighted in 25kg and tone with and without pallet. Nevertheless, we can also provide liquid paraffin wax in different packages. Despites the raw material Paraffin wax, we also have our own brand HENGYI, and self-developed products with patent, e.g. PE Wax, Food and Pharmaceutical Packing Wax, and infiltrate paraffin wax.

Our service

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E-mail:fsgm@fsgm.com.cn Tel:+86 24 58308799 Add:No.5 Guankou Road, Dongzhou District, Fushun, Liaoning, China

Add No.5 Guankou Road, Dongzhou District, Fushun, Liaoning, China

E-mail fsgm@fsgm.com.cn

Tel +86 24 58308799

Fushun HengYI Petro & Chemical Co. Ltd.

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